Original Painting " Dream Forest " Mixed Media 24 x 30 inch canvas painting- B07BSTP5GB

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Production Method:Hand painted and varished
Width:30 inches
Height:24 inches
Length:1.50 inches
Finish Type:Hand Painted
Paint Type:Acrylic
Number Of Pieces:1

An original work of art created in mixed media: alcohol inks and acrylic paint.

This is a nice large size painting, so you can really dive into the details, which there are a lot of. It has an incredible amount of intricate details layered in vivid, yet soothing colors. It feels like a very happy dream, with a touch of magic.

When I first created it in my head, I felt like I was drawing inspiration from my love of Gustav Klimt's work and a touch of Kandinsky. I've always been drawn to those styles of artwork, alongside my deep love of creating trees. In art therapy, the self is represented through our representation of trees. Every branch, every twig, every shade of bark, is an expression of myself, at that moment. And by working with the unpredictable nature of alcohol inks, I create controlled structure while simultaneously "going with the flow" and working around and with the unpredictable shapes and blends of the inks. They are contained only by my brush stroke and a barrier of acrylic paint to keep the inks from bleeding. For example, the tree's darker, outer edges, are much like skin keeping blood contained in our bodies. I love the technical challenge required to make it all work together to create something graceful and beautiful.

I find my happy place in creating trees (and flowers) and I hope you can see a happy version of yourself in my work as well.


• Original painting
• 24 x 30 inch canvas with 1" deep gallery wrapped sides.
• Mixed created: acrylic and alcohol inks
• Varnished with 2 coats of Krylon and UV protection
• Created in March 2018

I offer prints of this painting in various sizes. Here is one for an 8" x 10" print:

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Original Painting " Dream Forest " Mixed Media 24 x 30 inch canvas painting- B07BSTP5GB

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