Wash Your Hands Ya Filthy Animal - Funny Wood Sign - Custom Made Rustic Real Wood Sign- B075TK8QZL

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Production Method:Here at Sawyer's Mill Inc, you'll find authenticity and genuine craftsmanship at the heart of what we do.

Each and every piece that goes out our shop's doors is 100% unique and no two pieces are ever exactly alike. The fact is that we are working with raw materials that are always moving, changing and adapting to their environments, so frankly there would be no way to recreate anything exactly (and we like it that way).

Each sign is made to order using the transfer process that we have developed and built upon to make our products stand above our competitors.

Anything that goes out our doors has our stamp of approval on the back and is proudly our own work. You'll not find a higher quality, more durable product at a better price anywhere.
Width:0.75 inches
Height:3.50 inches
Length:12 inches
Number Of Pieces:1
Surface Treatment Method:Sublimation

Looking for a gift for someone that's hard to buy for? I can all but guarantee that they don't have one of these! 

This American Made, Handcrafted REAL wood sign. 

Using a method of my own creation, the image is embedded or "sublimated" into the REAL wood surface. This blends the image and the wood seamlessly allowing the natural grain of the wood to remain visible from behind the design. 

Every sign I make will be unique in its own way due to the grain and natural characteristics of the REAL wood. 

Each sign is handmade in the Great State of Tennessee from the locally harvested and milled, hardwood timber that the boys and I use to create our offerings. 

Adding to the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece, a branding iron is heated and used to burn the Sawyer's Mill logo into the back of each wood sign. 

Each slat of wood is made one at a time. The keyhole slot makes hanging a breeze right out of the box. 

* Made by hand in the United States of America.

* The image is fade resistant and will last many years. For indoor use or outside in a covered area. 

Sawyer's Mill is committed to handcrafting wood signs and decor items featuring a wide variety of art, catchy phrases, funny sayings, and inspirational quotes that are sure to dress up any room in your home.

Wash Your Hands Ya Filthy Animal - Funny Wood Sign - Custom Made Rustic Real Wood Sign- B075TK8QZL

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