Barbie Happy Family Nursery Playset - B000087R65

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Product description

This adorable nursery for the Happy Family has everything Midge and Alan need to take care of their new baby. The changing table stand includes a bathing tub and cubbies for storage, so Midge can change, bathe and keep the baby fresh and clean. They love to put their baby in the comfortable bassinet, and the mini high chair and play mat are Fisher-Price branded. Also comes with a rocking chair for Midge, toys for the baby, plus other fun accessories. Happy Family dolls sold separately.

This nursery playset contains everything a new family needs to keep baby happy: a diaper-changing station, baby bath, highchair, bassinet, rocking chair, play pallet, toys, bottles, blankets, and baby-care products. The baby-care station--the set's main feature--has a working drawer (for baby clothes), changing bed, small closet, and several rows of shelving to keep products and toys out of the way. No Barbie dolls are included (and any doll can be used with it) but the set provides enough busy work on its own, given all the accessories. No batteries required. --Diane Beall

Barbie Happy Family Nursery Playset - B000087R65

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